Coaching for Lawyers
by a Lawyer

A lawyer dedicated to lawyers.

You have been through one of these situations ?

  • You are a young lawyer ?
    and assess the challenges of the first steps in the legal world
  • You are an independent lawyer ?
    and realize the qualities and assets that the entrepreneur you embody must have
  • You are a senior Associate ?
    and aspire to become a Partner
  • You are a young Partner?
    and must adopt a new posture and develop your clientele
  • You are a Managing Partner?
    and have the responsibility to create alliance and trust throughout the firm
  • You are the founding lawyer?
    and assume the transmission of the firm and invent the after
  • You feel fine? and want more, want to grow and want it easier!

Coaching for Lawyers by a Lawyer

So many issues you are facing:

I will understand you.

I will be listening to you.

My experience as a lawyer at the Paris bar gives me the legitimacy to be by your side throughout your career.

Solutions exist and you already hold the keys: coaching will allow you to bring them to light.

Let me contribute to fully expressing your magic!

What is executive coaching?

    • Coaching is first and foremost a trip for two with overview and side steps.
    • Coaching is a personalized support aimed at achieving a goal.
    • The Client finds and develops his/her own solutions for sustainable development.
    • The Coach works from professional needs and develops potential and know-how to facilitate success
« The people we question, as long as we question them properly, find the right answers on their own »  (Socrate)

A Coaching to grow*

* International Coaching Federation

« People also hire a coach because:

- the want more,
- they want to grow,

- they want it easier.

It’s as simple as that.

Coaches help a client get all three. Quickly. »*

Who am I ?

As a professional coach, I believe in the performance of organizations and the development of men and women.

I believe in encounters, strengths and synergies.

I create an alliance with my "champions". I want to act as a booster and help restore your vitality and confidence for more autonomy and therefore freedom in your development potential.

I am the kind and demanding partner of your transformation.

My Certifications

  • CAPA (French bar Certification)
  • Certified executive coach (TRANSFORMANCE PRO) - Paris
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Base - Paul Pyronnet Institut) - Paris
  • Systemic Coaching (Fundamentals - ORSC)
  • Bilingual French/ English

& Organisation of the coaching sessions

  • My support is tailor-made. It adapts to my client and their request
  • The duration of each session is between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes
  • The sessions are generally held every 8 to 10 days
  • My fees are billed at each session
  • I am pleased to offer you the first session which is a guidance session.

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